Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 148

© 2010 Carrie Morris

This man is one of my heros. I have watched him in the past 7 years overcome trials that would leave many a person broken and discouraged. There have been ups and downs in the trials, but overall, he has progressively been moving upward. He is a truly remarkable person who just keeps getting better. I'm grateful for the values he has taught me by his example. I'm grateful for the person he is and the person he is becoming each day.
I'm truly grateful he is mine.
I love you Brad.


sam :D said...

what a cool pic!
and just so you know, i look at this blog all the time to read. i just never post because it would be too repetative and you would get tired of me saying "i love this pic!" over and over. i really do love all your photos, you are getting so good at photography!

Julie said...

That's a good pic of my baby brother! He is a great guy and has overcome some hefty trials but its those trials that form us into the great beings our Heavenly Father desires us to become!! Way to go Brad....and Carrie, too!

Brad said...

Boy... that is ONE hairy, dead-sexy lookin' feller right thar, I tell you whut!

Jill said...

Right on lil' bro!

Amie said...

LOL! I say, grow it where ya can! In Phillip's case, that includes everywhere BUT his head. LOL!

p.s. this is the Brad i know and love. right here in this pic. :)