Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 97

© 2009 Carrie Morris

This little leaf was the last of his kind hanging onto this tree. Amongst all the harsh cold, snow and bare branches, he stood out to me. I was impressed by his show of endurance and strength. I was reminded to be as strong in my personal trials.


Carol said...

What a great pic and observation. It will help me while I'm trying to be strong in my personal trials. I'll be the little leaf.

Tiffany said...

Sometimes it can be lonely being the last little leaf. Hopefully, he understands that because he held on tight, he escaped being trampled on the ground. Great picture.

Lindsay said...

You know Charlie Brown had a big discourse about leaves and how you can learn alot from them about strength, perseverence, and endurance...then at the end of his monologue...the little leaf falls to the ground.

So I thought that was really cynical until I realized that the tree couldn't blossom and put out new leaves until the last leaf had fallen.

I don't think we are the leaves. I think we are the tree.