Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 130

© 2009 Carrie Morris

There is a "Mormon-Ad" from when I was a teenager that had a single daisy in a vase with a bunch of roses. It read at the bottom, "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful." I have often thought of that ad and tried to find beauty in everything around me... Not just the traditional things we think of as beautiful, but the things often not associated with beauty. I found beauty in these old, drying up weeds up the canyon last fall. They are their own kind of beautiful, aren't they?


Annette said...

I teach 13-14 year olds in middle school, and I wish I could teach them to "Be your own kind of beautiful." That would be worth more than any reading or English lesson I could give them. I watch what they go through every day, and I wouldn't go back to that age for anything. It's tough!

Kay said...

Yes, those old weeds are their own kind of beautiful. Great shot!