Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 179

© 2010 Carrie Morris

I love music.
I'm so grateful to my mom for teaching me how to play the piano.
I miss playing and look forward to the day I own a piano.
I love the peace that can fill my heart when beautiful music is playing.


Melissa said...

Hey great picture man.
I didn't know you could play.
That's awesome.

Annette said...

You can play and don't have a piano?! That is a crime! We will have to see what we can do about that...Monty got a fancy electric one, so we gave our old antique to Ephra...I miss it. We could keep an eye out for a used one for you. Monty knows how to check them out to make sure the sound board is good, and the overall sound, etc.

Trish and Greg said...

We have an auction house in Bloomfield, and pianos hit the list on a regular basis. Lindsay was highest bidder for a sweet sounding, big, old Gulbransen (100 yr old upright) last month for a very good price. She doesn't have a place for it, (our living room is FULL with another Gulbransen), so the local seminary teacher's family is keeping it in their home for Linds. The seminary teacher's wife is now trading babysitting for the neighbor lady, who will give piano lessons to two of her girls. Win - win.

See if you have an auction house, or something similar up there. Just decide how much you're willing to spend, and get ready to bid. Then convince a few strong men to move a piano for you. Fresh from the oven brownies will be an incentive!