Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 15

© 2009 Carrie Morris

I'm grateful for a weekend to be able to listen to a Prophet's voice.
To hear Strong and personal testament of The Book of Mormon.
To feel of God's love for each of us.
To have my testimony strengthened.
To be renewed again in my commitment to the Lord,
the Gospel and ALL that He would have me do...


Melissa said...

Carrie it was so hard for me to see anything with the three kids.
Dru was studying on Saturday as well.
BUT I told Dru that every Monday after we put the kids down we could carry on with our FHE and watch one or two talks from the conference.
We started last night.
Elder Scott's talk on the spirit was awesome.

Anonymous said...

loved it! it's awesome init?

Tiffany said...

Conference was wonderful. I am finally getting to see the fruits of my labors after years of forcing the kids to try to sit still and watch conference. Noah sat with his arms folded for quite a while during conference and even teared up at a few points. There's hope yet!