Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 37

© 2009 Carrie Morris

This is one of the faces I get to wake up to each morning.
In making my decision to NOT go back to work right away,
this is one of the major factors. How can I miss out on even
a second of watching her grow and learn and just be?
Choosing to stay home has been a hard decision...
But, I have faith that in doing so, my family will be blessed.
This is the ultimate work I've been called to do.
I need to fulfill this calling to the best of my abilities.
If I do my best, I have a promise from my loving
Heavenly Father that He will be by my side assisting
me in raising my amazing daughters.
And THAT makes it all worth it.


Sara said...

love this picture!

Melissa said...

Wow look at that red hair.
Great post Carrie.
I'm glad you're happy with your decision.

Ephra said...

Choosing to stay home is a hard decision, but the blessings you will receive are unlimited. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and we always made it financially, even when there really wasn't any way we should have been able to! Obedience to this request from the Prophet well rewarded. But, its much harder work to stay home than to actually go into the work place! I am working now, my youngest is 12, but my hours are very flexible and my boss believes family comes first. See!!! The blessings never end:) You have gorgeous children, have some more!!!

Tiffany said...

After reading the VT message this month I have been thinking a lot about Heavenly Father helping us raise our children. As mothers we have the right to expect His help each day in this daunting task. What a great blessing to count on.

Annette said...

How do you get these shots?! The lighting, the pose...I need to know! Love this one!

Jill said...

She is a beautiful baby!!

Jill said...

You must carry your camera around your neck and finger on the button to get such great, random shots!!