Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 49

© 2009 Carrie Morris

Meet my nephew, Porter.
This kid is a total crack up. We had the chance to get together last night with my side of the family and have dinner. As I was taking pictures of the group, Porter started pulling all these different faces. The funniest part was that he didn't know anyone was even looking at him. He made about 10 different faces, and I captured them all with my camera. This was my favorite one. As soon as he was done with the last one, he went on about his business of eating birthday cake like nothing even happened. I was able to watch a little personal moment of Porter's life and I loved it. I have fantastic nieces and nephews on both sides of my family who are funny and amazing people. I'm grateful to know them and to associate with them.


Melissa said...

Carrie, this picture is one of my favourites.
I love it and I love kids man.
Good one.

Sara said...

I love this kid! HE Cracks me up and I really want copies of these pictures and any others from last night so I can scrapbook them! I think we need to scrapbook all of those for mom and dad's scrapbook too.