Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 69

© 2009 Carrie Morris

I love the look on Mary's face in this sculpture. There is such love and tenderness displayed. Such awe and amazement in Joseph's face. I love the overlapping of their hands as they hold the tiny baby Jesus. As I read a passage in Luke 2 yesterday while sitting in the temple, my heart was touched by these two amazing people. They are such a great example of unwavering faith, obedience, humility, love and respect. As I sat there reading Luke's version of the birth of Christ I found myself wishing I could read Mary and Joseph's version of that sacred night. What insights would they have shared? What tender feelings must they have felt? What special visitors and experiences were they blessed with? I am grateful for the example of Mary and Joseph. I find in them a couple worth emulating.


Melissa said...

Carrie this is beautiful.

Tiffany said...

Last year for book club we read "Mary and Joseph". It really brought the two alive for me.

sonoftheprodigal said...

Hello Carrie,

Peace of Christ!

I am Noel Bava. I am the Editor of a non-profit magazine called The Windhover. I would like to ask permission if we could use this lovely picture of Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus to appear in our magazine. We promise to give you full credit and will send you a copy of the magazine.

Hoping for your favorable response.

Thanks and God bless.


Carrie said...

I'm honored you want to use my photo. Please feel free to do so.

~Carrie Morris