Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 61

© 2009 Carrie Morris

I love the smell of baking bread. Today I made Brad's mom's recipe. She was one of those wonderful moms who had fresh bread out of the oven when he got home from school. My mom was the same way. When I see home made bread, I think of moms. Those wonderful women who love us, who teach us, who feed us, who care for us and who make us the people we are. I'm grateful for my wonderful mom who is one of the best women I know. I've never met Brad's mom, but I'm grateful for her also. For the legacy that continues in her children.


Melissa said...

Oooooooooooooo yummy.

Jill said...

Turned out beautiful Carrie!! They look scrumptious!

Trish and Greg said...

Carrie, Mom would have loved being here to get to know you. She would have loved the hope and confidence you give Brad. She would have thrilled to watch you stretch and develop new talents. It would have melted her heart to see you mother your girls, and she would have been pleased at the work you do to build a "home" for your family.

I'm sure she's aware of you and your little family, and thankful for all you do.

Sarah said...

How great that you've got her recipe to bake up. Bet the house smells heavenly...and I also bet she's smiling down on you as you have bread ready for Brad when he walks in the door.

(makes me want to bake today)