Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 59

© 2009 Carrie Morris

Whenever I see berries like these, I start thinking about the Holidays. They symbolize Thanksgiving and Christmas to me. I start to think about playing Christmas music, hauling out the decorations, putting up a Christmas tree and doing all the festive things for the holidays. I love celebrating the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays of the year. Lots of family, traditions and joy!


Brad said...

Um, you start THINKING about playing Christmas music? About that... you get past thinking and go into doing sometime around September... which is part of your charm. :-)

Melissa said...

LOL Brad's comment is so funny.
I love little insights husbands give like this.
Were those berries outside? Or part of a decoration?
I'm listening to music as I write.
Christmas is BY FAR my fav. holiday.
Love it, for sooooooooo many reasons.

Melissa said...

Ah I meant I'm listening to CHRISTMAS music.
That might make a little more sense.

Julie said...

Oh boy Christmas and a little one named Tagen, who loves to get into everything. Ha you are gonna have your hands fuller than they are now! Might want to consider putting the tree up on a stand or something. :0)

RaShawn said...

Think about hauling out decorations? You already have them up! LOL