Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 68

© 2009 Carrie Morris

I spent part of my morning at the temple. It was such a spiritual experience for me. About four months ago, I received some family names from my mom. They have been sitting on a shelf in my room since then. Recently I have been feeling the tuggings of desire from those ancestors wanting their work done. I took those names and did their initiatory work today. There were the names of two sisters and a cousin in my pile. As I was finishing up the work of the last name, I felt such overwhelming joy on their behalf that their temple work had been started. I could almost see them rejoicing together on the other side. It was such a special experience for me. I'm anxious to continue and finish the work for them. I am so grateful I took the time to go to the temple today. I'm grateful for the sweet and spiritual experiences I am offered in the temple by a loving Heavenly Father when I'm there doing service for others.

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